Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing FEREI! In order to offer you the high level of service you deserve, please read the following conditions and be sure to keep your warranty card or original sales receipt handy for all warranty claims.

  • (1) 14days free replacement: FEREI will replace a new product within 14 days of purchase for any manufacturing defects under normal usage conditions; FEREI or its authorized distributor/dealer will replace it with the same model or equivalent product.
  • (2) 2 years free repair service: The warranty for all Ferei brand flashlights, bicycle lights, diving lights and headlamps is 2 years. FEREI offers repairing service free of charge within 2 years from the date of purchase for the lights that become malfunction through normal usage.
  • (3) Limited lifetime warranty: For the lights past the 2 years free repair warranty period, FEREI provides lifetime repairs but will only charge for cost of the parts.
  • (4) For more service information, please carefully read the warranty card when you buy the FEREI lights. Thank you for your support!

Contact: Ms Sophia Shi
Phone: 0086-755-84807942
Address: 3rd Industrial Zone, Xiakeng Village, Tongle, Longgang District, Shenzhen 518116, China


11 Facts About FEREI Headlamps

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  • 1. What is FEREI FEREI is a well known brand all over the world. It is the brand under the manufacture factory of ‘Shenzhen Ferei Lighting Co., Ltd’. Which has 10 year experience specialized in LED Lighting field.
  • 2. How to make the runtime to be longer? A. Adjust the modes to be lower for longer runtime. B. Use the extension cable to connect the battery pack BP4836B, BP6836B (for HL08,HL20, HL40) or BP4872B, BP6872B (for HL50)
  • 3. What is the material of light? Rugged acrospace-grade aluminum head, Typed III hardest anodized in black.
  • 4. Does the beam of the headlamp be adjustable. Yes. All the headlamp is multi-functional. Max-8 user defined brightness modes (10%-20%-30%-40%-50%-60%-70%-80%)-4 blinking modes-Low voltage warning mode
  • 5. Is the headlamp waterproof. Yes. It is weatherproof. It is ok to use in rainly weather. Waterproof grade: IPX4.
  • 6. How long is the warranty? 2 years for the headlamp, 1 year for the accessory charger, and 8 months for the accessory Battery.
  • 7. Is the headlamp beam zoomable? FEREI HL40 beam is adjustable (Zoomable)
  • 8. What is the usage for the headlamp? The headlamps is lightweight, comfortable design, it can be used for: Mountain climbing, camping, hiking, exploring, firefighting, rescuing, bicycle riding, skiing, night running, and other outdoor exercises.
  • 9. Is there any way to make the beam wider? Yes, there is a diffuser D01, fix the diffuser with FEREI silicon rubber case on the head of Headlamp, the light will produce a wider beam.
  • 10. How to charge the headlamp? AC or DC charger. Standard AC Charger AC009A, also DC12A car charger is available for option.
  • 11. Optional accessories: HL08, HL20, HL40: AC009A AC Charger, DC12A DC Charger, D01 white diffuser, 2600mah li-ion batteries, 3400mah li-ion batteries, BP28, BP4836B, BP6836B batterypack, EC50 extension cable. HL50: AC008 AC Charger, DC14 DC Charger, D02 white diffuser, D02 red/green/yellow filter, 2600mah li-ion batteries, 3400mah li-ion batteries, BP4872B, BP6872B batterypack, EC50 extension cable.

When using Ferei torchesI should pay attention to the process of using a flashlight battery problem

When using Ferei torchesI should pay attention to the process of using a flashlight battery problem

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  • 1. Flashlight battery commonly used 1AA (1 AA battery), 2AA (2 AA batteries), the 5th battery is divided alkaline batteries is often said that the battery can not be charged (1.5V).
  • 2. Rechargeable lithium battery voltage 3.7V, models 14500,16340,18650, etc., given model numbers are for a reason, such as 14500 battery is 14 mm in diameter, the length is 50 mm; 16340 battery diameter is 16 mm, length was 34 mm, so that the diameter 18650 18 mm Length 65 mm.
  • 3. Our products are imported lithium battery with the Samsung! and meet the highest safety requirements certification! Li-ion battery with protection circuit is divided into (to prevent overcharge and over discharge circuit) and without a protective circuit, usually lithium batteries can not overcharge and over discharge of the battery overcharge leakage or explosion occurs, battery over-discharge can cause the battery scrapped, and now the installation of a protection circuit does not have this problem, but the drawback is that the volume bigger than without protective circuit (that is to say the upper battery sizes) to be bigger in diameter by 1 mm, increase in length of about 2 mm. Some put the battery flashlight makes it somewhat difficult, slowly groping needs to go into, but most are easy to put a flashlight to go. Our products are with low fixed power circuit design, if the battery voltage is too low, it will automatically cut off the power supply to protect the battery over-discharge.
  • 4. Battery once fully charged, ready to use; if long-term placement should be given every three months trickle charge the battery for 3-4 hours, then 10-20 minutes light discharge is better to avoid the battery goes to sleep does not work. For no protection circuit lithium battery: New battery is not too much; battery for the first time to use, requires no charging time is too long, only depends on the charger indicates the charging process can be; During charging, the charging speed according to the charger when the indicator color changes immediately remove the battery (charging indicator shows red when the charge indicator is green when charging is shown to cause full), do not overcharge, Do not exceed the recommended charging time 3-5 hours; Fully charged, the battery should be removed from the charger; select charger, to use a charger with anti-overcharge; When in use, according to the requirements of the voltage flashlight battery (do not use low-quality batteries, it will damage the torch life), do not mess with, to prevent burn torch; In use, when the torch significantly changes the brightness of the flashlight will turn off to prevent over-discharge; Tips: flashlight during use, to ensure proper cooling, with your hands is the best way to recommend stood lighted torch heating time according to the situation in a timely manner with the hand a bit to heat; Flashlight when in use, it is recommended every 30 minutes off after 2-3 minutes to heat; attention to the battery waterproof resistance and other.

How about the kinds of Ferei Series products ?

How about the kinds of Ferei Series products ?

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BL series of mountain bike lights BL series high-performance mountain bike light LED as a light source, a special circuit with a dimmer control function; flexibility of an external power supply can be connected to any output 3.7V DC power supply, a strong power to make life greatly extended, uniform spot, strong brightness, wider field of vision you; compact size, robust construction, is the home of the best travel companion.Current products include: B9, B5, B3, BL200 etc . FEREI Flashlight Excellent shape coupled FEREI simple circuit design in the common LED flashlight is perfect, simple and easy to operate appearance, durability, high brightness, is the daily lighting, outdoor operations necessary tools (flashlight use the world''s highest quality materialsprecision machining, enhanced waterproof, shock-proof design features, make the two meters underwater flashlight soak 1 hour normal use, the drop height of 3 meters can be used normally after The switch design uses the most advanced end buttondigital control technology, enables flashlight when the light in each cycle, three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. is the daily lighting, mountain climbing, camping, hiking and other outdoor sports tool of choice!) FEREI mini-series flashlight FEREI mini-series flashlight is small size and high brightness of the perfect combination.Cohesion embodies the compact, simple design.Mini flashlight series of up to 180 lumens maximum brightness.Optimization of circuit design, life is more lasting and more stable to use. W Series waterproof flashlight W Series waterproof flashlight is Ferei for wet operations, diving, fishing and hunting outdoor users developed an ultra-performance flashlights, this product has great water features.Moderate size, easy to carry.Robust housing, strong circuit performance under adverse conditions, it is durable.Diving, the best choice to use lighting! M-Series Flashlight M-Series Flashlight is FEREI flashlight brightness limit the pursuit of the best performance, use the brightness of the world''s top single high power LED as light source, high durability and long life of the perfect combination.Constant current circuit, torch light and stable, without loss of battery power with the decline, the head of intensive good heatsink and internal anti-shock design, the tube body more beautiful, superior heat dissipation.Extreme sports is the best lighting! HL series headlights FEREI brand HL series headlights, the biggest bright spot is: a special control circuit with a dimmer function, switch and light-driven separation of body design, high safety factor.She''s compact size and weight of non-sense to create a high brightness limit, worn on the head without feeling heavy pressure, allowing users to feel it in the use of portable benefits.Outdoor camping, traveling, mountain climbing, is your best choice!

FEREI product use precautions

FEREI product use precautions

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  • 1. Check the battery: Make sure the battery has power and insert the batteries in the correct direction;
  • 2. Do not use damaged, faded or signs of leakage of the battery;
  • 3. Use the flashlight, the voltage and the battery according to claim torch selected not to use, to prevent burn circuit boards, different models, different cell voltage not both use;
  • 4. Be sure to use the 18650 lithium battery safety certification;
  • 5. Battery Low Tip: Always mode when the battery is depleted (approximately 20%), the lamp flashes once per minute state continues for 20-30 minutes, to remind recharging or replacing batteries;
  • 6. If the torch abnormal heat, turn off the flashlight, and to detect the cell surface;
  • 7. When charging, the battery kept cold as normal, if the battery during charging fever, stop charging and immediately remove the battery;
  • 8. Battery once fully charged, ready to use; if long-term placement should be given every three months trickle charge the battery for 3-4 hours, then 10-20 minutes light discharge is better to avoid the battery goes to sleep does not work;
  • 9. If the battery can not be charged powered or not, do not attempt to maintain;
  • 10. Lamp cup to keep clean, absolutely can not hand or hard objects Sassafras try to remove fingerprints on the lens, remove the fingerprints on the lens, the available cotton swab dipped in lens cleaner and gently wipe;
  • 11. Do not torch long and the sun, water, chemicals and rot cloud of gas and other contacts, to avoid damage to the torch protective layer;
  • 12. Non-professionals do not disassemble the product, to prevent damage to the circuit board.
  • 13. Make sure the battery is charged in the security ring microscope, and to make sure that someone care.


Warranty Conditions and instructions?

Warranty Conditions and instructions Date:2014/10/30 View:1975 Dear customer, Thank you for choosing Ferei for your personal lighting needs. So we may serve you better, please carefully read the following warranty conditions pertaining to your purchase.

  • 1. Any Ferei brand product that malfunctions or ceases to operate within 14 days of purchase under normal usage conditions may be returned to any one of its authorised distributor/dealer or Ferei for an exchange of the same or equivalent product.
  • 2. All Ferei brand flashlights, bicycle lights, diving lights and headlamps are warranted against manufacturing defects and /or malfunction for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • 3. The warranty period for perishables and accessories (glass lenses, O-rings, rubber switches, batteries etc.) is 8 months from the date of purchase and the warranty period for Ferei AC adaptors or chargers is 12 months.
  • 4. The warranty card must be authenticated by either Ferei or an authorised Ferei distributor/ dealer.
  • 5. Should any warranty concerns arise be sure to contact either the Ferei service centre directly, or your local distributor / retailer. Under no circumstances attempt self-repair.
  • 6. Should any Ferei product become defective outside of the warranty period, customers may still have their products repaired at a mutually agreed cost.
  • 7. Ferei’s warranty policy is rendered null and void by the following conditions:
  • 1)The 14 day replacement or 2 year repair period has expired.
  • 2)The product is deemed to have malfunctioned as a result of misuse.
  • 3)The product is deemed to have malfunctioned as a result of unauthorised modification or disassembly.
  • 4)The product is deemed to have malfunctioned due to incorrect maintenance and /or storage.
  • 5)A valid sales receipt, invoice or warranty is not presented.
  • 6)The product is counterfeit.
  • 7)The product ceases to operate due to damage caused by impacts and /or dropping.

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