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  • LED Ultra Trail Headlamp

    Ferei LED ultra light trail running, cross country running, hiking headlamps 

  • LED Headlamp

    Ferei high intensity LED headlamps with single and twin lamps options

  • LED Bicycle Light

    Ferei high power LED bicycle lights designed for mountain bikes with dual quick release handlebar mount

  • LED Diving torch

    Ferei LED ultra bright diving torch, LED diving search light, LED diving flashlight

  • LED flashlight

    Ferei LED ultra bright flashlights and torches

  • LED Hunting lamp

    Ferei LED hunting torches, headlamps and flashlights with green, red and white LED options for hunting

  • LED Spotlight

    Ferei LED Spotlight strong bright high instensity lights

  • Accessories

    Ferei LED light accessories


FEREI is a wellknown brand of outdoor extreme sports lighting in the world. FEREI brand founded in 2008 in Shenzhen ,China, aimes to provide the best outdoor sports lighting to the extreme sports players.

FEREI manufacturers a range of LED headlamps, LED hunting headlamps, LED ultra running trail headlamps, LED mountain bike lights, LED diving torches, LED flashlights and LED torches. All torches a manufactured from rugged aerospace grade aluminium casings and high intensity LEDs to provide the highest quality LED torches for all outdoor activities.

Since 2011, Ferei has successfully held ‘FEREI CUP’ DownHill night races for over 20 times, also sponsored a lot of night cycling events in China. Hong Kong cyclists Liu Shusen, Huang Hanchao and Li Zhicheng, who have participated in Asian Championships, are always using Ferei bicycle lights. Shenzhen Speed team, China KONA team, Quick team, Wildcat team and Tornado team, etc. always regard Ferei lights as the first choice for professional races. Besides, Ferei bicycle lights have got the consistent recognition and favor from professional-level night DownHill cyclists in Spain, France, Czech and Thailand.

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